My first time !

I walked into an event this week. Not really sure what to expect or what I would learn. I arrived late, as I do I see some people I don’t know standing around chatting, after ear wigging for a bit I trundle down and find somewhere to put my coat. As I do I see a few people (about 15/20) sitting around drinking coffee and chatting, people butting in in no particular order (this is known as a track and this IS the event!). As I sit down someone gets up and leaves and no-one seems to acknowledge or even notice.

I got drawn into the conversations really quickly and taking on subjects like ‘Is the CV dead’ and ‘New kool vs old school’ they (I want to call them delegates but there not…they are just a bunch of people with some crazy ideas) sit around and debate the subject. Yes it did get a little heated in places and that I realise this is the beauty. Passionate people who are not shy, have an opinion and want to share it.

Mostly I am just a fly on the wall getting to listen to people who really challenge my thinking, provide insight into this world which I am just entering and allow me to form new opinions without pressure to join in. When I do join in I find my inquisitive nature answered with so many differing opinions it’s great.

After not long, a few open discussion and a few chats in the corridor with people I have never met before I find that not only do I have an opinion but that it is listened to and respected as much as anyone’s else’s. Everyone is a potential candidate to someone and if I am using technology in a certain way then that is right for me and in order to get me to work for you understanding that and then coming to my world is how to do it! I very quickly realise that there is no right or wrong, there is not a one size fits all and I need to find my own way in this world which is ever evolving around me. The overwhelming consensus is that I should just have a go, make some mistakes, be a bit of an idiot online, I manage to do it offline often enough!

It is scary! Hell Yeah! Can I really change the way I communicate, open up my network and connect on a different level both with those I know and those I am yet to meet – sure I can!

Can I really provide content which is engaging? Err I don’t know but hey I’m going to give it a go!

Thank you truLondon – some great people, great ideas and if nothing else it has given me the confidence to write a blog…sort of!


7 thoughts on “My first time !

  1. Hi Tery,

    Your blog post above answers your question: ‘Can I really provide content which is engaging?’. You just did it. I read it all the way to the last word. I found your blog via @BilBoorman’s twitter stream – so he saw it, read it, and tweeted it – since it ‘is engaging’. I will am commenting it – that is ‘social’. I will share it – that is ‘social’. It is (definitely!) worth reading, and it gives jet another perspective on the #tru events. Honestly I am guessing there are as many perspectives as the participants!

    PS, my first blog post was (literally): ‘This is my first blog post. ’I bet no one really read it with interest. No one shared it in SM (OK, SM did not really exist back then…). You have done much better with your first blog post than most of us!

    Keep it up!

  2. Hi Terry, I will be adding you to the very few blogs I follow, main reason being, I completely identified with the sentiments you mentioned as I walked into my first Network event recently. It was nice to know that someone else out there has the same questions and “insecutities”

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Good for you Terry. Your post the best case yet to persuade me to consider attending next year. All too often from the outside looking in it can feel like the same people saying the same thing to a small clique who have an interest in keeping to their own agenda. You might have changed my mind.


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  5. Hi Teri
    Thanks for sharing your #TruLondon experience with us. And you know what? This is exactly what I experienced at my first Tru event. Lots of people talking, coming up with the courage to say something, realizing that others are interested in what I have to say and going home with a head full of new and challenging ideas.
    I’ve attended a few Tru events since and it only gets better 😉

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words, I was a little unsure before I posted this but the response has been overwhelming, I can’t believe so many people read and like what I have written.
    I will be posting again soon and will continue to keep you all updated on my journey.

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